​​Dr. Rhunette C. Diggs is a graduate of a Historically Black College, Talladega College in Talladega, Alabama (English, B.A.), and The Ohio State University (M.A., Speech Pathology and Ph.D., Interpersonal Communication, minors Rhetoric and Family Relations). From 1988-2015, Rhunette served as the Associate Director of PREVAIL-RESPECT along with Executive Director Gloria Robinson. Also, Rhunette has worked in academia since 1994 (teaching and conducting research) within the United States and Ethiopia. In addition to scholarly research on communication and culture and academic presentations, Rhunette writes poetry, creates other inspired spiritual and creative projects, and serves in various capacities within communities. She and her husband Larry resided for over 30 years in Columbus, Ohio (within the Lennox and Driving Park communities) and reared four children there (Angela, Anthony, Aarika, and Alisha), between stints in Richmond, Virginia; Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Jacksonville, FL; and Ethiopia. They fully relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in December of 2015.  They are grandparents of Jaden, Ariel, Dominic, Damon Jr, and Jordan.

Selected Research, Performances, and Presentations

Diggs, R. C. (2017, November). Love Vine of commitment: African-American: Spiritually aspiring, long-term married couple explores their decisions to remain married. Presented at National Communication Association 103rd Annua Conference—Our Legacy, Our Relevance, Sheraton Downtown, Dallas, TX.

Diggs, R. C. (2017).  Ain’ scarda you. In B. M. Lovelace-Ross (Ed.) A collection of sayings of mama ‘nem: The wit and wisdom of mama, muhdear, and othermothers (pp.11-12). Durham, NC: Envision Consulting Group, LLC.

Diggs, R. C. & Clark, K. (2016, November).  Obama’s effect on us: The impact of President Barack Obama’s racial identification on an interracial friendship. Paper presented at  The Obama Effect 2.0 Conference, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD.

Diggs, R. C. (2015, April 30). Keynote Presenter. National Center for Urban Solutions African American Male Wellness Walk: “Get off the edge” empowerment series-healthy spirit event. Kimberly Parkway Church of God, Columbus, Ohio.

Diggs, R. C. (2012, May 5). Guest Presenter. First Church of God Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon.  The present perspective of motherhood: A trilogy (Performance). The Hilton Hotel at Easton, Columbus, Ohio.

King, T. C.  Diggs, R. C. & Ferguson, A. (2012, March). REACH[ing] beyond diversity and inclusion: The architecture of pluralism for excellence in post secondary education. Presented at Kirwan Institute 2012 Conference—Transforming Race: Visions of Change, Sheraton Downtown, Columbus, Ohio.

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